Sane defaults are nice. Sane and configurable defaults are nicer. Aurelia view manager has the reserved namespace defaults. The properties defined in this namespace are used by other namespaces when the other namespaces do not have that property defined on them. Understanding this is essential if you want to keep your configurations concise.

The following defaults are defined in the defaults namespace.

  location : '{{framework}}/{{view}}.html',
  framework: 'bootstrap',
  map      : {}

Without having altered the configurations at all, let's see what path the following would resolve to.

The viewManager in this example is an injected instance of the ViewManager class.

  viewManager.resolve('my/namespace', 'hello-world') === 'bootstrap/hello-world.html' // => true;

Now let's overwrite some configurations and see how we can alter the path.

  viewManagerConfig.configureNamespace('defaults', {
    location: 'views/{{framework}}/{{view}}.html',
    device  : 'mobile'

  viewManager.resolve('my/namespace', 'hello-world') === 'views/bootstrap/hello-world.html' // => true;


Defaults are used whenever the namespace is not configured.

It's possible to overwrite the default defaults so it follows your project's conventions.

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