Assuming that you use aurelia-form. You have created a gorgeous datepicker and you want to use that one instead of the one provided with aurelia-form. Aurelia-form being a plugin that leverages view-manager, you are able to overwrite the template it will use to render dates. You only need to know what the namespace is. For ease of use I choose to keep it the same as the plugin's name.

    viewManagerConfig.configureNamespace('spoonx/form', {
      map: {
         * When no .html is provided it knows you are trying to load a element
         * with a view model. That feature is specific to aurelia-form.
        date: '/my/views/date'

That is how you would overwrite the view of a plugin which you have installed.


Do make sure that the order in which you perform configurations is correct. If the aurelia-form plugin is registered at a later moment in time, it will overwrite the date property back to aurelia-form's defaults.

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